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thread looking for a desktop cnc milling machine for brass ,tormach has the xstech router that they say can cut aluminum. x6 and provide your own pc with mach3/4. just dont get the orange -epl versions with a cheap all in one controller..5 axis cnc machine,desktop cnc router machine 3018-se v2 with transparent enclosure, 3-axis engraving milling machine for wood acrylic plastics metal resin vevor 4th axis home cnc milling machine rotational axis 50mm 3-jaw .best bang/buck diy cnc mill for metal materials on 500 ,i'm looking to build or buy a multi-axis cnc mill for cutting aluminum and stainless steel. primary use will be for hobby projects like paintball .desktop 5 axis cnc router machine,the high-quality 5 axis cnc router machine is also a small desktop cnc mill for sale. unlike the aluminum chassis on the mini 5 axis cnc market, this 5 axis when you need to replace the wearing parts of cheap cnc router, we will .

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