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how to make a box fan dust collector,if you do a lot of sanding with your drill press and would like to make a dust collector like the one i posted, you'll need a 20' box fan, two 20' .better box fan air purifier,i recently remodeled my basement and there's a lot of dust (including drywall the nice thing about this box fan filter setup is you can use any filters you want..80 best diy dust collection and air filtration ideas,aug 3, 2017 - dust collectors and air filtration ideas for workshops and more. had my dust collector motor/fan mounted on the wall and feeding directly into the a new dust collection box for my de walt dw708 compound mitre saw..wood shop projects, diy paint booth ,woodworking tip: box fan filter i made a cheap air cleaner for dust in my shop by attaching a furnace filter to a box fan. i just set the fan on my workbench .

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