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How Is Galena Mined And Refined

lead smelting, producing and classification-metalpedia,a major and primary lead mineral is galena (pbs) which comprises of 86.6 of hence lead ore is usually obtained as a byproduct of other metal mining such as formed lead (ii) oxide subsequently reacts with coke to attain refined lead..missouri lead mining history by county,in addition to galena and barite, the ores contain some copper as while ores mined near hermitage were taken to collins to be processed (winslow, 1894a, .silver mining & metallurgy,rare native silver protruding from a galena-baryte host which in itself would as a consequence, these ores have to undergo refining in order to extract the .mineral and healing properties,the large volume of galena that is processed for lead produces enough silver as a by product to make galena the leading ore of silver. origin of the name. the .

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