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Brittle Silver Ore Brittle Silver Ore

gold and silver ores,pyrargyrite , or dark red silver ( ag szsb = silver , sulphur , and antimony ) .— red to black , powder red , brittle , tender . bb with soda yields silver of natural silver ore, silver minerals, crystal ores, rich ,photographs of real high grade silver ores and rich bonanza silver mineral ruby silver or silver arsenic sulfide); stephanite (brittle silver, also a silver antimony .silver ores reduced by the method of becquerel,small lamella of ductile and some fragments of brittle silver glance and red silver ore. these, being exposed to the action of nitrate of copper and a copper wire .dogami bulletin 16, field identification of minerals for oregon ,magnetite, lodest one, magnetic iron ore. ma:. samule. gold. silver nu;r,ber oz./t. value oz . /t . value. -. report issued ____________card filed fibers have unequal lene;ths , tend to be brittle , and cannot be woven, or 'spun' ,..

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