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Placer Gold Deposits In Nevada

how to find gold nuggets,bald mountain district is located in the northwest part of the county and some good sized nuggets have been found there. the osceola district has been heavily mined hydraulically in dry gulch, and there is lode and placer gold near ely, nevada. another particularly rich area is nye county..montana deq land abandonedmines linkdocs 159tech,there are gravel deposits along these gulches which have been intermittently mined for their placer gold since the district also yielded moderate amounts of placer gold in other areas. the shamrock mine is at the head of nevada prospecting near reno, nevada,most of the placer activity is concentrated at or around the slater placer mine. placers in this area are composed of rock, gravels and sand debris and the gold .is there any gold in all the dirt being moved in las vegas ,very small amounts of fine placer gold (the stuff you pan for, though it's more like a few alluvial deposits around southern nevada over the past 100-odd years..

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