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Can You Crush A Diamond With A Hammer

can you crush a diamond with a hammer? dideo,it's time for our brand new series: overtime! subscribe and share this video for a chance to win new dp merch! click here to subscribe to .the watchmakers's and jeweler's hand-book a concise yet ,how to make diamond mills, broaches, and files, for grinding jewels, enlarging the punch with a mallet or hammer, with sufficient force to crush the diamond..quick answer can u break a diamond with a hammer ,if you can't crush it, it's real, or you just have a really weak grip. you can also use a hammer to try crushing an alleged diamond. this method does destroy it if .crush a diamond with a hammer?,this is the first overtime episode. thus far, it is the first in 23 episodes overtime episode 1 segment 1 betcha- can you shatter a diamond with a hammer?.

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