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Stone Setting In Wax Course

lost wax casting 3 - stone setting in wax (online),this class includes demonstrations of how to set stones in wax and how to cast them in place. check out a free video preview of what we do in this class, 'setting .casting with the stones,gemstones are often set by gently pressing a heated wax pen tip on the top of the stone. the gemstone is heated and slips easily into the setting. the process .stone setting classes new york ,thankfully we have 2 other stone setting classes for you to choose from. check our top see all classes see top choices at lost wax studio - nolita. (11)..improvers wax carving with ,at the end of the course you will have one to two finised pieces of jewellery. designing with stones; embedding stones in wax ready for casting; set stones in .

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