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Iphone Silent Switch Not Vibrating

how to prevent your iphone from vibrating when on silent,if you want to temporarily silence incoming calls, alerts and sound effects, toggle the ringer switch or set a scheduled do not disturb mode on .how to put the iphone on silent or vibrate,1. tap 'settings' on your iphone's home screen. 2. tap 'sounds.' 3. tap the 'vibrate' switch under 'ringer and alerts' to turn the vibrate mode on or off. 4. tap .how to fix iphone not vibrating (silent mode and ring),1. enable vibrate on silent. the most common reason for iphone not vibrating in silent mode is due to vibrate on silent mode not being enabled in settings..iphone 6 plus won't vibrate,so, about three weeks ago my iphone 6 plus stopped vibrating. my setting vibrate on silent is on, i reset it holding the home & lock button, .

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