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Eaf Slag Chemical Compositioncrusher In Cement Plant Pdf

the potential of industrial waste using foundry ,, producing sodium aluminosilicate hydrate gel (nash) and calcium silicate hydrate (csh) (li et al., 2010). these two gel networks have different functions in the geopolymer .energy efficiency improvement and cost saving ,temperature, a 5-10 primary air reduction translates into. 43-69 kbtu/ton clinker energy savings in conventional cement kilns and about half of this in modern kilns (ecra, 2009). the .structural characteristics and hydration kinetics of modified ,different compositions. the ground materials are fired in a pilot plant scale rotary kiln to 1350 c for 1 h. the clinker is cooled, crushed, mixed with 3 gypsum, and ground to fineness .5.0 recycling of steel slag,shredding and briquetting. baling means compacting large volume of scrap into denser form in the form of bales which becomes easy to handle, store and transport. shearing .

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