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Can You Use Regular Paint For Projector Screen

will a projector work on grey or black walls?,read my article on the best types and colors for projector screen paint. if you already have a grey or black painted wall that you want to use, try it out. if it gives .projection on wall vs screen,you may think white is the best color to paint a wall being used for a projector. trust me, that's not always the case! choosing a white-grey or light grey paint .can you use a projector on a dark wall?,the wall doesn't reflect light nearly as well as a projector screen, even if you paint it with a reflective paint (but the paint does add brightness and clarity to your .teflon coated micro fiber roller kit ,in less than an hour you can paint vivid 2d or brilliant silver 3d screen with picture paint on screen makes it easy to transform any wall, ceiling, floor, dome, the primary use for projection screen paint is your own tv, media or theater room..

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