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Mining And Quarrying Child Labour

us department of labor,2012 findings on the worst forms of child labor. in 2012, burkina faso made a children work in granite quarries and gold mines.(3-5, 10, 11,..a load too heavy children in mining and quarrying, work in mining and quarrying is widely recognized as hazardous for children, one of the types of work that c. 182 on the worst forms of child labour urges us .child labour in mining and quarrying ,according to the international labour organization (ilo), more than half (85 million) of the world's 168 million child labourers perform hazardous work. jestoni was one of the one million who work in mining..eliminating child labour in west africa and strengthening sub , stone quarries in southwest nigeria. ilo-ipec aims to initiate direct action programmes to combat the worst forms of child labour in the artisanal mining sector .

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