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How Fix Screen Shaking Psp

screen lines/flickering screen on psp-2000,after installing cfw on my psp-2000, screen lines have shown up. obviously, this is unrelated to cfw and a hardware issue, but any advice on how to fix.bug? kronos flickering when gl video driver is used issue ,i'll direct you to try ppsspp on a wayland-only self-built retroarch to see a if people want to fix that, they need to open a pr upstream, not wait for them to fix from the frontend glcore to 'gl'; while the other has a black screen)..flickering or shaky camera on windows 10,flickering or shaky camera on windows 10. if you encounter a situation where your screen flickers or shakes while playing the game on windows 10, please .full screen flickering retroarch,from what i've heard, this happens when you have dual monitors and run retroarch on your secondary monitor. running it on your primary should fix it. 1..

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