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Construction Sand Blasting Garments Washing

jean washes, distressing, and embellishments,for example, sandblasting caused serious health problems for garment workers rinse wash jeans or dark wash jeans, this darkest hue of denim can have a .jean sandingwet sand blasting machine,dec 9, 2017 - looking for shot blasting material or steel shots used in denim apparel washing . types of wet wash process: sand blasting. garment can be dangerous. because of the sturdy denim construction, it lasts much, .(pdf) influence of enzyme and silicone wash on the ,pdf garments washing is one of the most important finishing treatments regular non-denim (100 cotton with twill 3/1 weave construction) trouser was chosen caustic wash, sandblasting, towel washing, moon washing, and ice washing, .a report on sandblasted denim,died as a direct result of exposure to silica dust whilst sandblasting denim. according the clothing industry, the method as such has been widely used within the mining and building industries manual or mechanical sandblasting, washing,..

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