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Dry Sift Hash Screens

dry sift vs bubble hash,dry sifting is the traditional method for making hash. using a fine screen to separate out the kief from the flower, it's a super practical can i make pliable hashish using bubble, or dry-sift ,i have a pollen extractor (180 and 150 screens), a trimbin (150 and 120 screens), and a bubblebagdude 3-bag set-up. where do i start? sift everything out.screen sizes for dry-sifting hash from trim?,high everyone, i am wanting to make some hash by dry-sifting my trim and pressing the keif but am confused about the different micron sizes of screen and do.dry sift an easy way to make marijuana concentrate,dry sift hashish is a potent and easy to make marijuana concentrate. dry sift is made by sieving and sifting whole bud over screens so resin .

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