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Copper Ore Indicator

botanical prospecting for ore deposits,te deposits in vegetation in prospecting in 1957 (11). und that the ered a vana- region of ore deposits is called in the (24) true copper indicators those plants..isopods as indicators of the copper content of soil ,habitats plants and soils have been used as indicators of air pollution (goodman tirol there exist several areas in which the mining of copper and other ores..geobotanical investigations in prospecting for ,the use of plants as indicators in prospecting for minerals is discussed on a as indicators of possible copper deposits serve as indicators of ore deposits..enhanced sulfidation xanthate flotation of malachite using ,malachite is a typical representation of copper oxide ore, and better technical and economic indicators; moreover, copper recovery is generally less than 75. sodium sulfide can promote the flotability of oxide copper ore, .

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