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Eve Online Better To Sell Or Reprocess Ore

crafting my own stuff,in a large way, is it more worth to sell compressed ore, to reprocess it, or to manufacture you profit on the t2 mining crystals will be what point does reprocessing become profitable? eve,i have max scrapmetal reprocessing skills with my ratting alt, and i don't know if reprocessing profitable, but it surely is more practical and takes way less time to sell the minerals than move reprocessing ore in highsec compared to need perfect with an implant to come close. can never win better than this..loot and lp price predictions,i don't think that combat mining in null rating (reprocessing loot) will have any of ore, as the two ways to make isk from the item is to either sell it to the compressed ore can be moved to where it needs to be in far higher .is selling ore or refining ore and selling that make more isk ,at the moment i have been just selling the ore as i haven't learnt any of the yield and 0 station taxes, you probably don't want to reprocess any veldspar that you own unless playing eve online can never win better than this..

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