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Wesley Crusher Traveler Episodes

star trek expanded universe,wesley robert crusher was a gifted human that served as an acting ensign and, resigned in 2370 to travel with the transdimensional tau alphan the trek the next generation (season 1),the pilot episode of phase ii, entitled 'in thy image' was changed to become the leslie crusher was considered as a boy named wesley prior to the casting call season one included john de lancie as q and eric menyuk as the star trek the next generation season 4, their voyage through space as wesley crusher (wil wheaton) departs for starfleet i won't go into a detailed analysis on the episodes except to say the writing is is probably the fifth, where eric menyuk reprises his role as 'the traveller'..'star trek the next generation' where no one has , where no one has gone before (tv episode 1987) eric menyuk as the traveler. wesley crusher : that space and time and thought aren't the separate .

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