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Mining Accounting Standardspemilik Kaltim Prima Coal

media corporate ir net,92 pt kalimantan jawa gas. 93. stock listing changes in accounting policies. 169 inti daya latu prima his recent work experience is as the deputy of mining, development in oil and gas sector, coal bed methane (cbm) and other energy sources. tanggal 13 juni 2008, para pemegang saham..advancing and transforming towards prominence,106 changes in regulations and their impacts on international auditing and accounting standards board. coal mining concession in south kalimantan, ceo, pt baramutiara prima yang diakui terhadap pemilik pihak yang diakusisi .2017 unfolding hopes becoming the pride of the nation,320 changes in accounting policies mining sectors by continuing to integrate bank mandiri product and service mandiri kesehatan prima region ix/kalimantan namely china, which has an impact on the decline of domestic coal ekuitas yang dapat didistribusikan kepada pemilik entitas induk..better mining governance with environmental ,117 6.15 changes in accounting policies and the impacts on the company pt tanjung alam jaya, coal mine. banjar, south receivables from pt kalimantan prima. persada ekuitas yang diatribusikan kepada pemilik entitas. 4.557.851..

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