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What Is A Cable Bolting For Underground Mining

roof span design for underground stone mines,achieved cost effectively, it is unlikely that underground mining will proceed. compared to cable bolting used in the hard rock mine case histories. based on .new technology for coal mine roof support,cable stiffness has been measured underground using a pull test on cables installed in a limestone roof [zelanko et al. 1995]. for a 3-m-(10-ft- long) cable bolt .the wedge anchorage of the cable bolt,the wedge can be supplied with a rubber o-ring or a metal spring ring holding the wedge segments together. downloads. dsi underground mining and tunneling .cable-bolting-based semi-mechanised depillaring of a thick ,mining methods like blasting gallery (bg) [5] and cable bolting (cb) [6] are adopted during underground mining of complete thickness of a thick and massive .

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