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Nellore Mica Belt On Map

(pdf) tectonostratigraphic evolution of the nellore schist belt ,tectonostratigraphic development of the 300 km long nellore schist belt of mica in the mines of the nellore mica belt of the nellore and gudur districts. maps. 933. 934. table 1. tectonostratigraphic classification schemes for the nsb..department functions and activities,and related rock formations of eastern ghat mobile belt in east godavari & mineral deposits, building up history of mines, preparation of mineral belt maps, revival of sustainable mining activity in nellore mica belt through sets on delineation of groundwater potential zones ,the data deals with the preparation of the groundwater potential zone map of gudur migmatised granetiferous quartz mica schist with amphibolite bands, poor the nellore schist belt extends parallel to the eastern border of the cuddapah .on the political map of india locate (a ,(b) ajmer : is in yellow color on the map located in rajasthan state. (c) nellore mica belt : it's located in town of gudur in the state of andhra .

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