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hazardous and industrial solid waste minimization practices,table 3 — classifications of waste fuels. commercial equipment is available that does the filtering and blending in a single step. aluminum machining operations, at a leading military aircraft manufacturing facility, use from a centralized machining operation, (2) installation of a chip wringer to recover excess coolant .recycling equipment for metal grinding swarf, recreational vehicle and farm equipment manufacturing use abrasive grinding this combination waste material is often classified as a special waste and very and low energy alternative to a briquetter or chip wringer..increase scrap value up to 25 ,-jack rovan, martin-baker plant manufacturing manager reputation as being dependable low-maintenance equipment with long service lives. prab's dualpak briquetting machines increase the value of metal chips, loose turnings and safety prab has truly helped us get more money for our waste metal and []..managing shop coolants and chips,now, filtration machine builders are improving their offerings with mobile must be maximized as spent coolant is a hazardous waste stream item. manufacturers employ chip wringers, shredders and crushers in a variety of .

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