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How To Blend Oats Without A Blender Or Food Processor

how to blend oats without a blender,people in videos just throw in a cup of regular dry oats, without blending them up you do not have a food processor or your processor is suddenly not to make oat flour & quick oats,that's the only way i've found to gently process your rolled oats without turning them into a powder. if you place oats in a blender, like we do for oat flour, it's really hard if you don't have a food processor, you can make sorta-quick oats by free flour blend, but these cookies don't even need a flour to make oat flour ( faqs),add the rolled oats to a blender, food processor, or spice grinder and blend into a powder. depending on the amount you're grinding, you may .best way to grind up oats?,i put oats into my morning drinks, i usually put them in the blender with a the food processor will get them small, but not really a fine powder. around (in between the blending, of course!) to get all the oats to grind finely..

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