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Platinum Mining Stocks 2021

tight supply and hydrogen hopes drive iridium ,(stock image) a byproduct of platinum and palladium mining, iridium is vital for many industries. to be impacted (by the amplats closure) well into 2021, providing support for sustained high prices, heraeus analysts bank sees dreary gold prices, silver and platinum to ,(kitco news) - the gold market's dismal start to 2021 could be just the beginning of a longer-term downtrend as the world bank forecasts lower .a beginner's guide to precious metals,precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum have been recognized as valuable updated mar 14, 2021. table of contents. expand. gold. silver. platinum the derivatives market, metal etfs and mutual funds, and mining company & demand ,the next platinum quarterly will be published on 17th may 2021. above ground stocks of platinum and an outlook for market fundamentals for 2021. while total demand dropped by 7 (-569 koz), the sharp decline in mining supply of 20 .

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