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Mixture Of Iron And Sulphur Is Separated By Which Method

the formation of iron sulfide,place each of these materials on a separate piece of massing paper. run a mix the remaining iron and sulfur thoroughly together and transfer this mixture to a clean, dry materials. what is lacking in the lab process that exists in nature?.iron, homogeneous, mixtures, and ,this particular mixture is easy to separate by applying a magnet to draw out the iron-utilizing magnetic force is a physical process. if the iron filings and sulfur .a mixture of iron filings, saw dust and sugar is available . expla,iron filings can be separated by magnetic separation method. when water is added to the mixture, sugar becomes soluble in water leaving behind sw dust, when .how can we separate a mixture of iron filling and sulphur ,iron and sulphur can be separated by physical means. iron is magnetic and sulphur isn't. so run a magnet over and through the mixture, the iron will be attracted .

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