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Shale Shaker Screen Mesh Sizes

how to choose the right shale shaker screen for the shale ,a similar mesh size won't add all drilling conditions. sizes can vary looking on the dimensions of the cuttings and also the style of formations you' .what is shale shaker screen?,the specification of a shale shaker screen varies as per the mesh size and the mesh size is designed as per the various api screen number specifications..shaker screen wear in solids control system for drilling mud,shale shaker screen if a fine-mesh screen with damages from wear, like holes, is allowed therefore the cut point will be influenced by the wire diameter and does not follow the same scale as the different mesh sizes do..shaker screen size selection during whole oil well drillings,shale shaker screen. shaker screen size we talked here means the mesh size or api size of the screen panel. what is the proposal on screen .

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