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mobile suit gundam hathaway's flash,original run, february 1, 1989 april 1, 1990 the novel is notable for being the only semi-canonical gundam work by tomino. 'gundam: hathaway's flash anime film trilogy's trailer reveals staff'. gundam sentinel (1987 novel); gaia gear (1987 novel); mobile suit gundam: hathaway's flash (1989 novel) .mobile suit gundam wing,mobile suit gundam wing, also known in japan as new mobile report gundam wing is a as with the original series, the plot of gundam wing centers on a war in the future the series was more focused on drama than mecha, which the staff credits as one he was cast due to his work with ikeda in samurai suit gundam iron-blooded orphans,original run, october 4, 2015 april 2, 2017 okada, a team which previously collaborated on toradora! and anohana: the flower we saw that day. led by rustal elion, starts working in the shadows to sabotage both mcgillis and tekkadan, crush gear: kaizaban's challenge (2002); inuyasha the movie: the castle .mobile suit gundam 0080 war in the pocket,however, the raid fails and the entire team is killed except for bernie. war in the pocket was directed by fumihiko takayama, known for his work on orguss 02 and yutaka izubuchi updated the original mobile suit gundam's dated crush gear: kaizaban's challenge (2002); inuyasha the movie: the castle beyond the .

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