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Drill Point Grinding Machine

countersink and drill point grinding attachment cm-06 dcs ,this is our standard cm-06 drill point grinder with an additional cam set to turn it in to a great countersink sharpener. grind zero, single, two, three and four flute .rhegeneshop mr-13a drill grinder bits sharpener 2-13 mm , mr-13a drill grinder bits sharpener 2-13 mm 100-135 angle grinding machine: can grind the hss or carbide(optional); can grind the point angle and lip .drill point grinding machine,[0001] this invention concerns drill point grinding machines of the kind comprising a grinding wheel, a drill holder (such as a chuck or the like) .drill bit grinding machine,handy drill grinders are ideal for grinding hss- and hm-spiral drills. due to the adjustable point angles from 90 to 140, this model can be universally used. easy .

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