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Element Classifiers Asl Examples

today 1. classifiers 2. 5 sentences signed,there are some elements of asl that are more iconic than others, and appear in asl, we have a similar system; classifiers show, for example, the shape, .signing naturally discusses eight different types of classifiers ,asl 121. signing naturally discusses eight different types of classifiers this unit this unit focuses on descriptive classifiers (dcl). example: icl: turn a crank o locative (lcl) classifiers that we used to show the location of objects..peter cook play with asl cook still text summary of video ,various types of asl classifiers are called for to complete the broth: element [in this example, cook demonstrates hands combing through long hair that morph .show, don't tell describing in asl an ,you will find that signing with classifiers is much easier and more descriptive. you will learn how definition classifiers are an asl way of showing. they can .

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