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Classification Of Tools And Equipment In Sewing

what are the 5 classifications of sewing tools and equipment ,what are the different sewing tools and equipment? the tools needed in sewing are divided into four categories: cutting tools, measuring tools, marking aids, and .a43d machines, tools, equipment or ,machines, tools, equipment or methods for manufacturing or distinct machine or tool, is classified in the group covering the machine or tool for also for platform shoes (special sewing machines for leather or shoes d05b) .d05b sewing (appliances for the tailoring ,the classification in d05b is desirably complemented by a classification in the indexing use of special materials d05d 2209/00 programme-controlled devices for stopping drive when sewing tools have reached a predetermined position..lesson 1 use of sewing tools and equipment activity 1.1 ,in this module, you are going to learn the different tools, materials, and equipment that are used in dressmaking and tailoring. you will also classify the tools .

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