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Van Norman Flywheel Grinder

getting the most performance out of your flywheel grinder,most american made automobile flywheels are made from cast iron. trucks general-purpose silicon carbide grinding stones are dark gray or black. a van norman flywheel grinder table actually floats on a lubricant..flywheel grinder spacer, 1.0 794-8011-89,irontite products flywheel grinder spacer, 1.0 [794-8011-89] - the 1.0' spacer from our heavy duty universal centering cone and spacer set. used to drop the .winona van norman products,winona van norman cbn flywheel grinding wheels very aggressive cutting, takes 1/4 of the time of a stone wheel. no dressing, the coolant stays cleaner, .flywheel grinding coolant 1 gallon industrial ,winona van norman has developed a premium concentrated grinding coolant, specially formulated for use in all types of flywheel grinders. it is low odor and .

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