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My Crush Doesn 't Talk To Me Anymore

why doesn't my crush stare at me anymore?,he might have given up trying to muster the strength to talk to you. especially if the implication about you that you're good looking is right. since boys are a lot less .what should i do if my crush doesn't reply to any of my ,originally answered: my crush doesn't talk to me anymore. what should i do? ask them. there could be several reasons why they are not talking to you, and most .why doesn't my crush talk to me or doesn't even notice my ,he/she already knows you ain't alive anymore. it's you who still has to get a grip on that reality. so how do you expect him/her to notice .me and my crush used to talk a lot. now, we don't even talk ,the best answer i have to this question is: ask him. a simple hey stranger, can we talk real quick? good. what's up with us not talking anymore like we used to?.

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