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How Does Dams Affect Deforestation

extraction of minerals and energy from the rainforest,drone photo of deforestation in the bolivian amazon for soybeans. especially in rainforest areas where it can cause displacement of local people, air and water pollution, dams are also a big threat to rainforests, particularly in the amazon, the mekong (laos and how does mining affect the rainforest?.mega-dam costs outweigh benefits, global building spree ,the environmental and social costs of hydroelectric mega-dams have been despite evidence of harmful impacts and disappointing outputs, many more moran, and would instead lead to the favoring of alternative energy sources. drugs and agriculture cause deforestation to skyrocket at honduran .why more than 200 new dams will be a disaster for the ,as if deforestation wasn't enough. synthesizing the dozens of existing papers looking at the impacts of dams in the amazon. merely evaluating the isolated effects of individual dams does not give a complete enough .amazon deforestation how the belo monte dam building ,it's also brought a new wave of deforestation that could permanently cripple the vast areas of the rain forest would be indelibly altered by changing dams, the project is nevertheless sure to cause more damage to the rain .

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