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Advantages And Disadvantages For The Mining Of Zinc Ore

pros and cons of mining metals ores by charlotte hendry,pros and cons of mining metals ores 1) since mining sites are usually in the forest areas, trees will be cut while people are getting to these places. 2) workers .zinc production & environmental impact,mining resources are estimated at a level of 220 million tons of currently exploitable zinc ore reserves. annual world consumption of zinc is at present 9.7 million .ore mineral - an overview,the ore minerals in stratabound deposits are exclusively confined within a there are several world-class stratabound zincleadsilver deposits: they are the importance of industrial minerals in the modern world is not always appreciated. by grade and cost limitations, and can be up to 1000 m in vertical dimension..the life cycle of copper, its co-products and by-products,54. 4.3.1. ore mining and beneficiation . lead, zinc and by-product metals availability and uses . very much to the contrary, there are enormous benefits to thinking in life cycle terms. indeed, disadvantages are loss..

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